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Los Angeles Times

Trump on new poll results: 'Would still beat Hillary'
Los Angeles Times
President Trump commented on the results of a Washington Post/ABC News poll in which 53% of respondents characterized him as a strong leader. The poll also put Trump's overall approval rating at 42%. That's the lowest recorded at this stage of a ...

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Washington Post

Trump voters don't have buyer's remorse. But some Hillary Clinton voters do.
Washington Post
I argued last week that anecdotal stories about disillusioned Trump supporters were overdone. The fact is that, on a broad scale, Trump supporters say they aren't disappointed. In fact, a poll showed they were more pleased than disappointed, by about 5 ...
Wash Post poll hides: Trump still beats Clinton, 43%-40%Washington Examiner
Trump Tweets He'd 'Still Beat Hillary' in Popular Vote (Which He Lost)Mediaite
Washington Post Poll Shows If The Election Were Held Today, Trump Would Still Beat ClintonDaily Caller
Townhall -The Good Men Project (blog) -CNN -ABC News
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Fox News

Carter Page: Media, 'corrupt Clinton regime' kept tying me to Trump team
Fox News
The U.S. intelligence community has said Russia meddled in the race, in which Trump upset Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, but found no evidence of vote tampering. FBI Director James Comey recently acknowledged the agency is investigating the ...
The bait goes on: 'Russia remains scapegoat for Hillary Clinton losing to Trump'RT
FBI Says No Need For Top Official To Recuse Himself From Trump-Russia ProbeDaily Caller
Trump Adviser's Visit to Moscow Got the FBI's AttentionNew York Times
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Hillary Clinton blasts Trump on LGBT rights
Clinton criticized Trump in particular for his decision to nominate Mark Green, who she called an "outspoken opponent" of LGBT rights, to replace former Army Secretary Eric Fanning, the first openly gay man to hold the job. "Some of the changes that we ...
Trump's first 100 Days, Hillary Clinton and America's missed opportunityFox News
Hillary Clinton warns LGBT progress may not be secure under TrumpCBS News
Hillary Clinton Slams Trump In New Speech For Staying Silent On ChechnyaGOOD Magazine
Washington Examiner -Huffington Post -Daily Caller -Amazon.com
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Business Insider

New book suggests Hillary Clinton blamed everyone but herself for her humiliating defeat to Trump
Business Insider
A new book on Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign for president details how the candidate seemed to blame everyone but herself for her stunning loss to President Donald Trump. Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes wrote in "Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's ...
Hillary in 2020? Nothing's far-fetched after TrumpThe Boston Globe
Hillary ran the worst presidential campaign everNew York Post
Report: Hillary Clinton apologized to Obama after losing to TrumpTheBlaze.com
Fox News Insider -Washington Free Beacon -Advocate.com -Washington Post
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Washington Post (blog)

Who is to blame for Hillary Clinton's loss? A lot of people are — James Comey included.
Washington Post (blog)
The discussion over who is to blame for Hillary Clinton's 2016 loss to Donald Trump has suddenly flared up again. A New York Times report this weekend reveals new details about FBI director James Comey's decision to reveal newly discovered emails that ...
Comey Tried to Shield the FBI From Politics. Then He Shaped an Election.New York Times
The Russians Hacked Democrats' Plans to Cheat in the General Election, TooBreitbart News
Let's Talk About Bubbles and James ComeyMother Jones

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Breitbart News

Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent Visit Trump; Troll Hillary
Breitbart News
President Donald Trump welcomed Sarah Palin for dinner at the White House on Wednesday, and she brought rockers Ted Nugent and Kid Rock with her. The trio were photographed in the Oval Office with President Trump, and they even took a photo in front ...
Did Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock go too far in mocking Hillary Clinton's portrait?Washington Post
Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin mock Hillary Clinton portrait during White House tripKansas City Star (blog)
Donald Trump hosts man who called for death of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at White HouseThe Independent
New York Times -Daily Beast -Newsday -New York Times
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Chuck Todd: Trump Sounds Like Cheney While Acting Like Hillary Clinton; Copying Obama's Playbook
And at the center of the drama is, of course, Mr. Trump. His foreign policy has been all over the map. At times he sounded like Dick Cheney while acting like Hillary Clinton. He makes uber-hawk Lindsey Graham the happiest dude in America while ...


Hillary Clinton strikes back on Trump's LGBT policies
Hillary Clinton slammed the Trump administration's LGBT policy during a speech last night at The Center, a New York City LGBT community non-profit, calling on supporters to turn out during the 2018 midterm elections to "make sure that nobody turns the ...

American Thinker (blog)

Longtime close Hillary aide confirms physical symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome widespread among Beltway ...
American Thinker (blog)
We now have it on very good authority that Trump Derangement Syndrome is a genuine phenomenon, widespread among DC journalists. The existence of actual physical symptoms of this mental disorder has been confirmed by a very well-connected ...